Some people go to nightclubs to drink; they will sit just close to the bar and drink while listening to music. Others
drink as they are dancing and all they do is to stock beers as they empty them. A night in the club is such a crazy
moment, people plan way back as the week starts on which places they visit and what event is there anyway. Nightclubs
are quite different from other places like restuarants, inns and pubs. These have all kinds of alcohol but not
happening as clubs. Night clubs are in their own categories.

The best way to describe Capital Pub Kabalagala is that it has a dancing floor set and a small place for the DJ to do
his thing. That is why it’s different from taverns and bars. Capital Pub Kabalagala is so interesting because its at
times based on themes, for example the music played may be rock on every thurday, dancehall and hip-hop on other days.
This is to attract lovers of different music to come and have fun; it’s another way for nightclubs to make money all
through the week.

Capital Pub Kabalagala is designed in different ways, the ambiance and lighting may be quite unique from the rest of
other Pubs. The high class night clubs have mirrors all over the place with excellent lighting, smokers are also
catered for. The use of lights is to give comfort to the funs and give them the right mood to enjoy themselves without
anyone spotting them easily. When disco lights are on, it becomes easy for people to groove.

Capital Pub Kabalagala also have rules and regulation we follow depending on the country. Some clubs may allow only
aged people and yet some others don’t mind about the age group. Some night clubs open for a reason, for instance if
there is an event and if not they will be closed.

The way Capital Pub Kabalagala was built is so amazing, the sound is just contained within the building giving peace
to the neighboring people. Its built with no windows but have air conditioners to keep the place cool. The flashing
lights and intensive music will be within the room. Ambiance of the club is like a charm, it attracts many people